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Production Line Operator Jobs

Production Line Operator Jobs

KODENSHI SY CORP. (KSY) is AUK Corporation of KODENSHI AUK Group was founded in 1992 in Shenyang, the main production and general semiconductor optical semiconductor components mainly large high-tech enterprises. And SONY, LG, HP, EPSON, Samsung and other world-class e-commerce to establish a long-term and stable supply and demand of goods and technical cooperation. Since the investment in expanding production scale, sales increase steadily, which has become one of the largest foreign-funded enterprises in Shenyang export.
First, recruitment conditions
1, type of work: Electronic Components fitters / Equipment Operator
2 requirements: female, 16 years of age, secondary, vision 4.5 above
3, the candidate materials: ID (6); account of the Home (4), I Page (4); diploma (1)
More than three and bring the original copy of the certificate; recently inch size color photo (6​​)
Second, the benefits
Home pay 2000 yuan / month, piecework up to 3000 yuan / month
1 Salary: take-home pay of about 2,000 yuan, nearly 3,000 yuan piecework
2, Bonus: pay bonuses three months later;
3, seniority allowance: paid full six months or more seniority allowance;
4, Insurance: pay five insurance payments (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance);
5, other benefits: free accommodation, commuting, meals
Third, the working environment
1, Clean and Tidy, bright, staff replacement clothes, shoes after work, before entering the workplace;

2, partition type console, indoor air-conditioned facilities, temperature and humidity, cool.

Fourth, contact

1, Company Address: Shenyang No. (golden golf on the north side) Economic and Technological Development Zone IV Street 16

2, Tel 024 -25395900 / 5442 Fax 024 -25279950

3, Contact: Mr. Ms. Cheng

4 Website: /

Five bus routes

1, Shenyang Station: Take the 206 bus and get off at home rather Garden Station, northbound 300 meters

2, Shenyang North Railway Station:

① take the 216 bus to get off → take brilliant pink Street West District Line 2 or 167 bus to get off, 11 Station Road, you can

② take the 216 bus to get off the street brilliant pink → Take bus 206 home Ning Garden bus stop on the northbound 300 meters

3 subway lines, "fourth street" stop, westbound second left that is