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Care for Staff

Staff, as the core of enterprise operation, is related to the successful operation and development of enterprises. KSY respects staff, cares for staff, trains staff and trusts staff all the time.
KSY develops a good work, study and life environment for staff to strengthen their sense of belonging. We have a rest room to offer learning and relaxing environment for our employees.The rest room is always open to our employees at no charge ,where they can reading newspapers and magazines, playing chess and surfing on the internet.
KSY cares for the physical and psychological health of staff, puts great emphasis on the training of staff quality and professional ability, organizes cultural activities including internal and external trainings and overseas research and studies and develops the cohesion and unity of the team in order to make staff work with passion. KSY has been aiming at creating the warmth of a family and a platform of achieving dreams for the staff. KSY will continue to strive to obtain the goal and we believe a better tomorrow will come.