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"Let the hope,send love" for the seventh quarter

Number of visits: Date:2018-05-28

     The growth of time will give us many gifts. No matter what you have experienced, you can always find surprises if you feel your heart.


     Books are an important way for us to acquire knowledge, and also a window for us to understand the world. Good books can often affect a person's whole life. In May 28th, the company once again came to the high Taizi school in taizai Township, Xinmin City, and donated books and love to the children.


     The value of the donated books is more than 10000 yuan, our donation may be limited, but the trickle of the trickle can converge into the sea; the love of the punch can move others, donate a copy of the book, and leave a true love.


     I wish the children a happy study, roaming in the sea of books, savor the happiness of reading, enjoy the happiness of growth, and reap the joy of success. Grasp the excellent knowledge ability, and quickly grow into a pillar of gratitude for the society and the motherland.

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