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KODENSHI 2018 Mechanic competition

Number of visits: Date:2018-09-25
            On September 3, the company launched a half-month mechanics competition, the mechanics competition is based on the requirements of various departments for professional skills, combined with the actual situation of the company carefully designed the competition items. There are 15 events in the competition. They are Golden Thread Competition, L/F LOADING Competition, T/C Work Competition, Appearance Skills Competition (Group A), Appearance Skills Competition (Group B), Insertion Engineering Competition, P/K Quantity Confirmation and Packaging Competition, S/D Skills Competition, D/B Equipment Step Competition, W/B Equipment Step Competition, TRAY Packaging Competition, MO LD gold type decomposition and re group competition, CAD mapping, grinding PART competition, circuit welding production competition.
            During the competition, all the competitors were enthusiastic and actively participated in the competition. The staff of the company watched and cheered the competitors on the spot. After fierce competition, the ranking of all engineering workers also came into being.
           The contest fully demonstrated themselves, with their own actions to highlight the spirit of craftsmen, hope that all the contestants can play an exemplary role in the future work, always adhering to the "ingenuity, craftsmanship, craftsman" concept, down-to-earth, excellence, in their posts glow!

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